How Did I Brew Up this Idea?

People have asked “What was your inspiration for your art?”  I say BEER!

What started out as a passion to Home Brew my own beer has now tapped into my creative metalworking side. After doing metal garden art for the last 12 yrs., I was looking to create something totally new.

I began to age my beer in bourbon barrels.  When the process was finished, I couldn’t just throw the barrel away.  I figured I could design creative functional items that would meld together artistic metal and the oak staves from the barrels.

As my creative side was thinking about what to design, I happened to find a supplier of these awesome, Edison Style bulbs and fabric corded sockets.  What great ambiance these bulbs create.  I knew I wanted to incorporate them in my designs.

I like to use the oak from the barrels to soften the look of the metal parts. I sand down the rough edges of the oak leaving the character of the barrel intact inside and out.  Then I add grinding and buff marks to the metal to create an aged, worn look.

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